First things first: I did NOT come up with this concept. We owe the idea of the Impossible List to Joel Runyon over at Impossible HQ. In all honesty, I originally found out about it from Thomas Frank over at College Info Geek, but let’s not get too hung up on the details.

Essentially, the Impossible List is that list of things you’d love to do, to get done, but it’s never quite the right time, or something else is more important, or or or. The idea is to write out this list, this list of things that seem impossible to accomplish, and then systematically go about smashing it. Cross that s*** off the list like that’s your main goal in life: and, if you’ve written the list properly, it should be. And it should be constantly evolving: the Impossible List shouldn’t be a static thing. If you cross something off: congratulations, that’s amazing! Now, re-evaluate and figure out the what the next step from that original goal is, and smash that as well! Keep going!

I’ve split my Impossible List into three sections, quite logically if I do say so myself: Impossible Life, Impossible Academia, and Impossible Finances. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Impossible Life

  • Complete the Cold Shower Therapy Challenge
  • Be a comfortable size 14
  • Complete the Couch to 5k (C25K)
  • Publish a book
  • Get my first tattoo: completed 01.02.17!
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Learn Australian Sign Language
  • Take an art class; drawing, sketching, painting, cartoons, anything
  • Visit Harry Potter World in Florida: I am an inveterate Potterhead and make no bones about it.
  • Catalogue my library
    • Books : completed September 2019!
    • Movies : completed September 2019!
  • Attend ComicCon in cosplay: oh my god this should not be that hard, there are about four in Australia every year. Why.
  • Complete a silversmith course
  • Design something for a store (maybe my own…?), and sell it

Impossible Academia

  • Complete a beginners programming course
    • Build a website
  • Complete the Coursera certification in astrophysics
  • Complete the edX certification in Terrorism and Counterterrorism: completed 23.02.19!
  • Learn All The Languages: for lack of a better measure, Babbel or DuoLingo are going to tell me how fluent I am. If the language is not ON either of those, I am going to find a native speaker or alternative language program and get them to teach and evaluate!
    • Become fluent in French: I’m on the way! I technically have a degree in French (honours major) but that was years ago and….well. Work remains to be done here.
    • Become fluent in Spanish: I’m on the way! I technically have a degree in Spanish but that was years ago and….well. Work remains to be done here, too!
    • Become conversational in Italian
    • Become conversational in Romanian
    • Become conversational in Icelandic
      • Bjargir (Survival course): completed 02.09.17!
    • Become conversational in Russian
    • Become conversational in Swedish
    • Become conversational in Arabic
  • Publish an academic paper: completed 10.04.17! I wrote chapter 5 in a book called “Cyber Security and Policy: A Substantive Dialogue.” My chapter was called “Cyber Counterintelligence: Concepts, Actors and Implications for Security.”
  • Publish an article in Intelligence and National Security
  • Publish an article in The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Publish an article in Security Studies
  • Smash my Ph.D. thesis like Hulk smashed Loki: working on it….
  • Present a paper at a conference (without passing out from nerves)
  • Attend Estonia CyCon

Impossible Finances

  • Attain and $1000 emergency fund Completed July 2017!
  • Attain and maintain $5000 in savings Completed February 2018! (To be continued, obviously…)
  • Pay off student loan in full by the age of 35
    • Pay off $5,000  Completed 30.01.17!
    • Pay off $10,000 Completed 03.07.17!
    • Pay off $15,000  Completed 23.03.18!
    • Pay off $20,000  Completed 31.07.18!
    • Pay off $25,000
  • Buy a Jeep Wrangler (my dream car since I was 12….)
  • Buy a house in my home country (Australia)
    • Pay off mortgage
  • Buy a rental property
    • Pay off mortgage