Millennial Academic is the blog I have been thinking about starting since before I started my Ph.D. studies, when I was looking around for all sorts of insight, inspiration, and….procrastination, let’s be real. I’m CJ O’Connor, and I am a Ph.D. candidate with the Australian National University. I fully intend for this blog to be more student focused than Printed Pages and Coffee, which is my bookish blog.

I am interested in a lot of things, and despite my bookish proclivities, I also have the approximate attention span of the proverbial goldfish, so my interests are many and my focus like quicksand. I might post about good, quick recipes one week and sound the foghorns about the political environment the week after (don’t ask me. Just don’t even ask me).

I hope you find something on this site that interests you, that arrests you, that tickles your fancy or quirks your brow. If you can’t see anything like that, send me a message or leave a comment with something you would like to see me cover and I’ll do my best.

Stay weird xxx