2018 Resolutions

And so we have arrived, my lovelies, finally and thank god, at a new year. 2017 was…well, it was. I think that is the most that can be said for it, particularly among those who view with despair the current political state of the world. But lo! Here we have 365 new opportunities not to screw things up and make everything worse! So let us leave 2017 behind us, and list the resolutions for the coming years that many of us will conveniently forget or stop striving toward before the death of the second month of the year.

Lol. Kidding. Not about the fact that most New Year’s resolutions vaporize within two months, but the generally dire manner of writing in which I conveyed those sentiments is not my usual. In terms of my 2017 resolutions, I’m gonna call it 50-50. I’ve updated the status of those over on the 2017 Resolutions page, so if you want to see what they were and how I did, meander on over in that direction. Here, I have listed the goals that I would like to achieve in the year 2018. This time around, I have actually separated them (somewhat) into four general categories: health, finances, academic, personal. What do you think?

2018 Resolutions (likely ill-conceived and definitely optimistic)


1. Lose five kilograms

2. Complete C25K programme

3. No white bread for a year


4. Pay at least $5000 off student loan

5. Accumulate $5000 in general savings


6. Finish 60,000 words of thesis

7. Submit an academic article to a journal


8. Read 75 books for the Goodreads Challenge

9. Finish the first draft of my novel

10. Complete a CodeAcademy programme

Let me know if any of your resolutions are similar to mine, or just generally if there are any particular goals that you’re going to work toward this year. Or are you more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person? I used to be, but as I get older I find more comfort in goal-setting, as it gives me a concrete purpose and something to work towards!


Stay weird lovelies


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